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MMBT2222A Transistor

The MMBT2222A is the SMD (SOT-23) version of the popular 2N2222A Transistor.

Automotive Wireless charging Solution with integrated NFC Communication for Smartphone charging

Combining the Wireless Power Transmission control IC (BD57121MUF-M) from ROHM semiconductors and the 8-bit Microcontroller (STM8A) from STMicroelectronics, a new automotive grad

BC337 Transistor

The BC337 is an NPN transistor with a maximum gain of 630, commonly used in low power audio applications.

MMBT3904 Transistor

The MMBT3904 is and SMD package NPN Transistor with VCE of 40V and a collector current of 200mA.

SDP3X – Compact Differential Pressure Sensors

With a dimension of only 5mm × 8mm × 5mm, Sensirion has launched a new series of Pressure sensors, which it claims to be the world’s smallest differential Pressure sensors.

REC15E-Z 15W DC/DC Converter for cost sensitive and compact applications

RECOM  Power has today launched a new isolated DC/DC converter with case size of only 1” × 1”.

IRF520 Mosfet

The IRF520 is a Power Mosfet with 9.2A collector current and 100V breakdown voltage.

IHLP Inductors – Low Profile and High Current Inductors

Earlier in the month of September, Vishay Intertechnology extended a new family of inductors called the IHLP Inductors.  These Inductors have a low DCR value and high current ra

1N5819 Diode

The 1N5819 is a Schottky diode with a low forward voltage drop and high switching speed.

1N4004 Diode

1N4004 is a rectifier diode with the maximum current carrying capacity 1A and it withstand peaks up to 30A.


1N914 Diode

The 1N914 is a small signal diode which can handle low voltage and low current.

MAX86150 – Integrated Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Photoplethysmogram (PPG) Bio-Sensor for mobile health monitoring

Maximum Integrated has launched a new bio-sensor which can measure both PPG and ECG as a single package.

IEWS20R5135IPB – Protected IGBT with built-in driver IC for Induction Heating Applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the new F-Series Protected IGBTs with TRENCHSTOP feature.


The BSS138 is an SMD Package Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET with low on-state resistance (3.5Ω) and low input capacitance (40 pF).

TIP120 Transistor

The TIP120 is a NPN Darlington Power Transistor. It can switch loads upto 60V with a peak current of 8A and continuous current of 5A.


The 2N7002 is a low voltage, low current Logic Level N-channel MOSFET.

Boost Converter

We’ve all come across pesky situations where we need a slightly higher voltage than our power supplies can provide. We need 12 volts, but have only a 9 volt battery.


The IRF3205 is a high current N-Channel MOSFET that can switch currents upto 110A and 55V.

1N4735A Zener Diode
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