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Long-Life Ceramic  Quartz-Based UVC Emitting Diode in Compact SMD Package

Vishay Intertechnology added a new compact SMD device VLMU35CL..-280-120 to its portfolio of short wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) emitting diodes for medical applications such as… read more

nRF9160 SiP with integrated LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and GPS

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP) LTE-M/NB-IoT and GPS cellular IoT module entered final volume production phase having successfully passed

TDA2050 32W Audio Power Amplifier

The TDA2050 is a Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier IC from ST Microelectronics with a maximum output power of 32W.

VEML6035 - Low Power, High Sensitivity Ambient Light Sensor

Vishay Intertechnology has released a new space-saving ambient light sensor VEML6035 for small form factor applications such as smart watches and sport bands wh

AIS2DW12 - Robust, Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer

The STMicroelectronics released the AIS2DW12 which is an ultra-low-power three-axis linear accelerometer which leverages on the robust and matu

VIPER22A SMPS Controller IC

The VIPER22A is a Popular SMPS controller IC form STMicroelectronics that has been extensively used in AC to DC Converters in

LM336 2.5V Reference Voltage Diode

The LM336 is a precision 2.5V shunt regulator diode that is commonly used in Voltage reference designs.

TDA2003 10W Audio Amplifier

The TDA2003 is an Audio Amplifier IC from ST Microelectronics with a maximum output power of 10W commonly used in stereo amplification in car R

VIPER12A SMPS Buck Regulator IC

The VIPER12A is a SMPS controller IC that consists of a PWM controller with a power MOSFET.

PT2399 Digital Delay Echo Audio Processor

The PT2399 is an Echo Processor IC that is commonly used to provide digital delay in audio circuits.

RAC04-K/277 Series High Isolation AC/DC Modules

RECOM added a new RAC04-K/277 series to its low power AC/DC portfolio which includes durable modules with full certifications for household and

MCP6004 Low Power 1MHz Op-Amp

The MCP6004 is a Quad Op-amp 14-Pin package. The Op-amps are known for their low power and high bandwidth gain.

Ultra-Compact High Accuracy Earthquake Detection Sensor Module

ROHM released an ultra-compact high accuracy seismic detection sensor module, BP3901, which is ideal for applications requiring reliable

OB3350CP LED Driver IC

The OB3350 is a LED Driver IC that is commonly used in powering the backlight of LCD/LED displays

TSOP1838 IR Receiver

The TSOP1838 is a miniature IR receiver IC form the TSOP18xx series.

PIC12C508 Microcontroller

The PIC12C508 is low cost 8-Pin Microcontroller from Microchip. It is a simple 8-bit controller with four oscillators including 4MHz internal RC oscillators.

The SC8206 is an IC that is used to control commercial Swing Fans with remotes.

TLE5109A16 - AMR Based Angle Sensors

Infineon Technologies is expanding its sensor portfolio by a new family of AMR-based angle sensors.

Introduction to RFID Modules – Construction, Types and Working

The term RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, as the name defines the operation of the device is based on the Radio frequency signals.

BCM4414 - 800V Bus Converter Module

Vicor released BCM4414 which is a new 800V, 1.5kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio Bus Converter Module able to operate from a 500V to 800V input vo