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Infineon TLE985x: new Embedded Power series for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies introduced a new family of Embedded Power ICs.

 PIC-IoT WG Development Board

From coffee makers to thermostats to irrigation systems, PIC microcontrollers (MCU) are at the heart of millions of embedded applications.

STM32MP1 Microprocessor Series with Linux Distribution

STMicroelectronics enhanced its industry-leading STM32 MCU portfolio to applications requiring even more performance, resources and large open-source software,

MID400 AC Line Logic Optocoupler

The MID400 is a AC line to logic Power Line Monitor Optocoupler. Meaning, the output of the IC goes low whenever it detects an AC voltage and g

Voltage Regulators

Most of the Integrated IC’s require a constant voltage with which it could operate. Be it a simple Logic Gate or a complex microprocessor they have their own operating voltage… read more

BAV99 Dual in Series Switching Diode

The BAV99 is a Dual in Series SMD Diode package, meaning there will be two diodes connected in series inside a SMD package.

NTE960 5V Positive Voltage Regulator

The NTE960 is a 5V Voltage regulator IC with a maximum output current of upto 1A.

What is Optocoupler and How it works?

If you’ve ever taken apart any phone charger or a switching power supply, you’ll find some tiny black IC packages with an unusual number of pins, mostly four or six, both in… read more

NTE987 Quad Op-Amp

The NTE987 is a Low power Quad Op-Amp that can operate even in low voltages like 3V.

2SC1815 Transistor

The 2SC1815 is a 50V 150mA general purpose NPN transistor with a maximum gain value of 700.  This makes the transistor suitable for amplifier applications.


2N3771 Transistor

The 2N3771 is a high current switching transistor that has a collector current of 30A.

STM8-SO8-DISCO Discovery Development kit for STM8S and STM8L Microcontrollers

ST Microelectronics has today announced a new development board called the STM8-SO8-DISCO Discovery kit with three microcontrollers namely STM8S001J3M3, STM8L001J3M3 and STM8L05

NTE159M PNP Transistor

The NTE159M is a general purpose PNP transistor with a maximum gain of 300 and collector current of 600mA.

BSS123 Logic Level N-Channel Mosfet

The BSS138 is an SMD Package (SOT23) Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET with drain current of 170mA and Drain Source Voltage of 100V.

2SC2879 NPN Amplifier Transistor

The 2SC2879 is a 45V 25A NPN Transistor that is commonly used for linear power amplifier applications. It is designed to operate between 2-30 MHz at a voltage of 12.5V.

IHLP-4040ED-5A Low Profile High Current Automotive grade Inductors

With a high DCR value of 1.05 to 204 mΩ Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of inductors suited for under the hood automotive applications.

TC9562 series – Ethernet Bridge ICs for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Toshiba Electronics has today announced three new automotive grade Ethernet Bridge ICs for real time data transmission in vehicles.

2SC5200 NPN Power Transistor

The 2SC5200 is a high power NPN Transistor with a collector to emitter voltage of 230V and collector current of 30A.