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TL431 – Programmable Reference Voltage

The TL431 is a regulator diode whose output voltage can be programmed by changing the value of resistors connected to it. It acts almost like a Zener diode except for that the voltage rating of this IC is programmable.

HLK-PM01 AC to DC 5V Power module

The HLK-PM01 is a small size low cost AC to DC converter which can take in 110V/220V AC at 50/60 Hz and give 5V 3W output. The module is can be used in designs which run on 5V and needs to be powered form the AC mains.  

HT7333 High Efficiency 3.3V Linear Voltage Regulator

The HT7333 is high efficiency 3.3V linear voltage regulator providing a regulated voltage of 3.3V   Pin Configuration Pin Number Pin Name
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