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Analog ICs

TL084CN Quad Op-Amp with JFET Inputs

TL084 is a JFET input Op-Amp with high input impedance and low offset current and offset voltage making it ideal of amplifier applications. The Op-Amp is very similar to TL074 but has high noise immunity and better offset characteristics.

LF353N Dual JFET Input Op-Amp

The LM353N is a Dual Package Input JFET Operational Amplifier. That is the input of these op-amp are connected through a high-voltage JFET making it suitable for low-noise, low-current and fast switching audio applications commonly used in Dual supply operation.  

DS1307 I2C Real Time Clock (RTC)

The DS1307 is a low power Full Binary (BCD) Real Time Clock (RTC) IC with 56 bytes of SVRAM that communicates through I2C Protocol. The IC can work from directly supply on Vcc and switch to Battery automatically when required.  

MID400 AC Line Logic Optocoupler

The MID400 is a AC line to logic Power Line Monitor Optocoupler. Meaning, the output of the IC goes low whenever it detects an AC voltage and goes high when no AC voltage is present.

NTE987 Quad Op-Amp

The NTE987 is a Low power Quad Op-Amp that can operate even in low voltages like 3V. It has differential input stage and a wide operating voltage of 3V to 32V.   Pin Configuration Pin Number

LM565 - Phase Locked Loop IC

LM565 is a general purpose PLL (Phase Locked Loop) IC designed for demodulation, frequency multiplication and frequency division. The device mainly consists of two components, one is voltage controller oscillator and other is phase detector.

TDA7265 - 25 +25W Stereo Audio Amplifier IC

TDA7265 is a 25 Watt + 25 Watt stereo audio amplifier IC. The chip is a class AB dual audio power amplifier in Multiwatt package specifically designed for high quality sound application as music centers and stereo TV sets.  

LM747 – Dual Operational Amplifier IC

LM747 is a general purpose dual operational amplifier IC and is a member of ‘LM xx’ family. The ‘LM xx’ series are integrated circuits designed by National Semiconductor.

LM258 – Dual Operational Amplifier IC

LM258 is dual operational amplifiers IC and is a member of ‘LMxx’ family. The ‘LM’ series originated with integrated circuits made by National Semiconductor.

LM4558 – Dual Operational Amplifier IC

LM4558 is an IC consists of Two General Purpose Operational Amplifiers and is a member of ‘LMxx’ family. The LM series originated with integrated circuits made by National Semiconductor.