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NEO-6MV2 GPS Module

The NEO-6MV2 is a GPS (Global Positioning System) module and is used for navigation.

Joystick Module

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1 Gnd

EM18 - RFID Reader Module

EM18 RFID Reader is a module which reads the ID information stored in RFID TAGS. This ID information is unique for every TAG which cannot be copied.   

DS3231 RTC Module

RTC means Real Time Clock. RTC modules are simply TIME and DATE remembering systems which have battery setup which in the absence of external power keeps the module running. This keeps the TIME and DATE up to date.

TP4056A Li-ion Battery Charging/Discharging Module

Pin Configuration: No: Pin Name Description 1 OUT +

5V 5-Pin Relay

Relay Pin Configuration