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DAC0832 – 8 bit Digital to Analog Converter

As the name itself points out ‘DAC0832’ is a DAC chip or Digital to Analog Conversion IC. The device is from DAC0830 series that are 8-bit members of a family of microprocessor-compatible DACs.

LM431 - Adjustable Precision Zener Shunt Regulator

LM431 is a regulator IC featured with adjustable output voltage. It is a 3-terminal shunt regulator with guaranteed temperature stability over the entire temperature range of operation.

DAC0808 – 8 Bit D/A Converter

DAC0808 is a D/A converter IC and is used for converting 8 bit digital data input to analog signal output. It is a monolithic IC featuring a full scale output current settling time of 150 ns while dissipating only 33 mW with ±5V supplies.

74LS138 – 3 to 8 Line Decoder IC

74LS138 is a member from ‘74xx’family of TTL logic gates. The chip is designed for decoding or de-multiplexing applications and comes with 3 inputs to 8 output setup.

LM339 – Voltage Comparator IC

LM339 is a voltage comparator IC from LMx39x series and is manufactured by many industries. The devices consist of four independent voltage comparators that are designed to operate from a single power supply.

DAC7715 Digital to Analog Converter IC

DAC7715 is a ‘Digital to Analog Converter’ chip designed by Texas Instruments and is available in SOIC-16 package only. The chip takes in 12 bit serial data and provides analog output at any one of selectable four output channels.

LM350T Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Pin Configuration

HEF4013 Dual D Flip-Flop IC

HEF4013 Pinout Description Pin No Pin Symbol Name

SN74LS13 4-Input NAND Gate Schmitt Trigger

SN74LS13 Pin Configuration Pin Number Pin Name Description 1,2,4,5

CD4020B 14-bit Binary Counter/Divider

CD4020B IC Pinout Configuration Pin Number Pin Name
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