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STNRGPF12 - Flexible Digital Power-Factor Controller for Industrial Applications

STMicroelectronics has launched STNRGPF12 dual-channel digital interleaved boost-PFC controller combined with the flexibility of digital power with the responsiveness of analog algorithms. The STNRGPF12 is easily configured and optimized using the STM’s eDesignSuite software.

AIS2DW12 - Robust, Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer for Secure Remote Key Fobs

The STMicroelectronics released the AIS2DW12 which is an ultra-low-power three-axis linear accelerometer which leverages on the robust and mature manufacturing processes already used for the production of micro-machined accelerometers and designed to address non-

VIPER22A SMPS Controller IC

The VIPER22A is a Popular SMPS controller IC form STMicroelectronics that has been extensively used in AC to DC Converters in offline power circuit designs.

VIPER12A SMPS Buck Regulator

The VIPER12A is a SMPS controller IC that consists of a PWM controller with a power MOSFET. It can take in AC voltage from 85V to 265V and convert to low level voltage like 5V with output current from 10mA to 200mA.  

MCP6004 Low Power 1MHz Op-Amp

The MCP6004 is a Quad Op-amp 14-Pin package. The Op-amps are known for their low power and high bandwidth gain. The bandwidth gain is upto 1MHz and the operating voltage could be as low as 1.8V with a quiescent current of only 100uA.

OB3350CP LED Driver IC

The OB3350 is a LED Driver IC that is commonly used in powering the backlight of LCD/LED displays or to drive sensitive LEDs at constant current.

SC8206 Remote Fan Control IC

The SC8206 is an IC that is used to control commercial Swing Fans with remotes. It is available in 18-pin and 20-pin package and has built in timers, oscillators, speed controls and operating modes making it easy to control Fans.

NE5532 Dual Low Noise Op-Amp

The NE5532 is a Dual Low Noise Op-Amp in 8-pin package commonly used as amplifiers in audio circuits for its noise immunity and high output drive capability.

74LS93 4-Bit Binary Counter

The 74LS93 is a 4-bit binary counter made of two up-counters. The IC consists of a mode-2 up-counter and a mod-8 up counter. Can be combined as mod-8 counter or divide by 2 or divide by 8 applications. It is built using four JK Flip Flops.