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NE5532 Dual Low Noise Op-Amp

The NE5532 is a Dual Low Noise Op-Amp in 8-pin package commonly used as amplifiers in audio circuits for its noise immunity and high output drive capability.

74LS93 4-Bit Binary Counter

The 74LS93 is a 4-bit binary counter made of two up-counters. The IC consists of a mode-2 up-counter and a mod-8 up counter. Can be combined as mod-8 counter or divide by 2 or divide by 8 applications. It is built using four JK Flip Flops.  

TDA7279 15 + 15W Dual Bridge Amplifier

The TDA7279 is a 15W + 15W Stereo dual bridge Amplifier. It is 15 Pin class AB type amplifiers and has an operating voltage from 6V to 18V. It is typically operated at 12V in portable battery powered audio applications like Radio, Bluetooth speakers etc..

CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switches – Multiplexer

The CD4066 is a Quad Bilateral Switch IC, that is, it has four switches which can be controlled individual using a control pin.

CD4060 14-Stage Binary Counter IC

The IC CD4060 is a 14-bit Binary Counter IC from Texas Instruments. It has 12 output pins ranging from Q1 to Q14 excluding Q2 and Q3.  

74LS83 4-bit Full Adder IC

The 74LS83 is a high speed 4-bit fuller Adder IC with carry out feature. The IC has four independent stages of full adder circuits in a single package. It is commonly used in applications where arithmetic operations are involved.    

CD4052 4-Channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer IC

The CD4052 is a 4-Channel Multiplexer and Demulitplexer IC. It can either be used as a 4:1 Multiplexer or 1:4 Demultiplexer. The IC supports both Analog and Digital voltages and hence widely used in many designs.   

CD4027 Dual Package JK Flip-Flop IC

The CD4027 is a CMOS based high voltage high speed Dual JK Flip-Flop package. The Flip-Flop could typically operate at a speed of 16MHz even at high voltages like 15V with a low noise margin of only 2.5V.   

LED1202 - Programmable 12 Channel RGB-LED Driver

The ST's LED1202 12-channel LED driver enables smoother and more natural interactions with smart-home devices, wearable electronics, and small appliances.

CD4022 Divide by 8 Counter IC

CD4022 is TTL logic Octal Counter IC. It has eight output pins which increments from zero to eight for every input clock pulse.