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BH1750 – Ambient Light Sensor

BH1750 is a digital ambient light sensor that is used commonly used in mobile phones to manipulate the screen brightness based on the environment lighting. This sensor can accurately measure the LUX value of light up to 65535lx.  

APDS9960 Proximity, Gesture and Ambient Light Sensor

The APDS-9960 is a multipurpose sensor that can be used for Ambient Light, RGB Sensing, Proximity Sensing, and Gesture Detection. It has been used in Samsung’s Galaxy S5 earlier and is used in many mobile phones as a proximity sensor.

VL53L0X – LIDAR Distance Sensor

This tiny module is the breakout board for the popular ST Microelectronics’ VL53L0X laser-ranging sensor. This sensor is used to measure the range of a target within 2 meters. It is a laser ranging module which uses the time of flight principle to measure the distance.

VEML6035 - New Ambient Light Sensor for Wearables and Smartphones

Vishay Intertechnology has released a new space-saving ambient light sensor VEML6035 for small form factor applications such as smart watches and sport bands where very high sensitivity is needed to allow light to be sensed through an often very dark cover glass.

Ultra-Compact High Accuracy Earthquake Detection Sensor Module

ROHM released an ultra-compact high accuracy seismic detection sensor module, BP3901, which is ideal for applications requiring reliable earthquake detection, such as automatic doors, unmanned transport vehicles, and smart meters.

TSOP1838 IR Receiver

The TSOP1838 is a miniature IR receiver IC form the TSOP18xx series. This particular model TSOP1838 will respond to 38kHz IR signals from remote control devices. It is normally used as IR receiver in remote control applications like TV, AC etc.

XENSIV TLE5109A16 - AMR Based Angle Sensors

Infineon Technologies is expanding its sensor portfolio by a new family of AMR-based angle sensors.

XENSIV TLE4999I3 - Monolithically Integrated Linear Hall Sensor

Infineon Technologies introduced a monolithically integrated linear Hall sensor which was developed entirely according to the safety standard ISO26262 for automotive applications.

XENSIV DPS368 - Ultra Small Waterproof Pressure Sensor

Infineon Technologies released XENSIV DPS368 miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor which is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature with an ultra-high precision of ±2 cm and a low current consumption for precise measurement of altitude, air flow and body move

SCD40 - Sensirion's First Miniaturized CO2 Sensor

Sensirion is announcing the SCD40 – the first miniaturized CO2 and RH/T sensor that fits in a space of just one cubic centimeter.