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BMP085 - Barometric Pressure Sensor

BMP085 is sensor from BOSCH used for sensing Barometric Pressure and Temperature. The device is designed for high precision measurements and low power consumption making it ideal for advanced mobile applications.  

ICM-20608-G Motion Tracking Device

ICM-20608-G is a device that accurately measures its motion and provides the data stating that motion on the serial output port. The device is 6-axis Motion Tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis accelerometer in a small 16-pin LGA package.

HC-SR505 PIR Motion Sensor Module

HC-SR505 is mini PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor module, which as the name implies used for detecting the motion of a body in front of it.

MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor

Pin Description For MQ-3 Sensor Module Pin Name Description

CCS811 Air Quality Gas Sensor Module

CCS811 Pinout Configuration Power Pins

MQ-4 Methane Gas Sensor

MQ4 Gas Sensor Pinout Configuration For MQ-4 Sensor Module Pin Name Description VCC

LM335 Temperature Sensor

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1 Adj

GY-BMP280 Module

Pin configuration Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description 1

IR Sensor Module

Pin Configuration Pin Name Description VCC

Piezoelectric Sensor

Pin Configuration Pin Name Description Outer Circle This gives Negative output voltage Inner Circle
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