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Preset Potentiometer (Trimpot)

A Trimpot is another type of potentiometer that comes in small package. It has three leads and can be easily mounted on breadboard or perf board for quick prototyping. The value of the pot can changed by varying the knob on top of it. 

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

A Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) is a protection component used in power supply circuits that is powered directly from AC mains. It is used to protect the circuit from high voltage spikes by varying its resistance.  

Thumbwheel Potentiometer

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1 GND

3296 Trimmer Potentiometer

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1. CCW

NTC Thermistor 10k

Features Come with broad resistance range Thermistor cost is economical Provided with lacquer-coated thermistor disk Copper leads have coating of tin. Having lead spacing of 5.0 mm Component remarked with resistance and tolerance


LDR Pin Description The Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) is just another special type of Resistor and hence has no polarity. Meaning they can be connected in any direction. They are breadboard friendly and can be easily used on a perf board also.


Potentiometer Pin Configuration


Pin Configuration Resistors have two leads, there is no polarity for a resistor and hence can be connected in both directions.