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NE5532 Dual Low Noise Op-Amp

The NE5532 is a Dual Low Noise Op-Amp in 8-pin package commonly used as amplifiers in audio circuits for its noise immunity and high output dri

Low Voltage Driven Photorelays in Tiny Packages

Toshiba Electronics released a family of five new photorelays housed in the smallest package, the S-VSONR4 (2.0mm x 1.45mm).

10 Watt DC/DC Converter with Smaller Footprint

Traco Power launched two new series TEL 10 & TEL 10WI of isolated 10 Watt converters which come in an ultra-compact DIP-16 metal package.

RC522 RFID Module

The RC522 is a 13.56MHz RFID module that is based on the MFRC522 controller from NXP semiconductors.

Qi-Compliant Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Coils

Vishay Intertechnology released 14 new Qi-Compliant Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Coils in industry-standard shield sizes.

2SC1061 Transistor

The 2SC1061 is a NPN Power Transistor in To-220 package. It has a DC current gain from 35 to 320 and transition frequency of 5MHz.

PCR606 Logic Level Thyristor (SCR)

The PCR6060 is a Logic Level Thyristor which is commonly used with microcontrollers and other low voltage systems for switching applications.


The STP80NF70 is an N-channel Power MOSFET from ST Microelectronics.

STM32H7 - High Performance MCUs with Arm Cortex-M7 and M4 Cores

STMicroelectronics released new STM32H7 Arm Cortex-M general-purpose MCUs, combining dual-core punch with power saving features and enhanced protection.

74LS93 4-Bit Binary Counter

The 74LS93 is a 4-bit binary counter made of two up-counters. The IC consists of a mode-2 up-counter and a mod-8 up counter.

XENSIV DPS368 - Ultra Small Waterproof Pressure Sensor

Infineon Technologies released XENSIV DPS368 miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor which is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature with an

Different Types of Gas Sensors

A Typical human nose has 400 types of scent receptors enabling us to smell about 1 trillion different odours.


The FGA15N120 is a high voltage IGBT with a Collector to Emitter voltage of 1200V and continuous collector current of 30A.  It also has a very low collector emi

PIC16F887 Microcontroller

The PIC16F887 is an 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip. The 40-pin IC has 14 Channel 10-bit ADC making it suitable for applications which require more ADC inputs.


The FGA25N120 is a high voltage and high current IGBT with NPT Trench Technology. The IGBT can switch 1200V with a current rating of upto 50A.

TDA7279 Dual Bridge Amplifier

The TDA7279 is a 15W + 15W Stereo dual bridge Amplifier. It is 15 Pin class AB type amplifiers and has an operating voltage from 6V to 18V.

BC546 Transistor

The BC546 is a high frequency NPN Transistor commonly used in low noise amplifier designs.

BC107 Transistor

The BC107 is a small single NPN Transistor available in TO-18 metal can package.

MJE13005 Transistor

The MJE13005 is a high voltage high speed NPN Transistor.

SCD40 - Sensirion's First Miniaturized CO2 Sensor

Sensirion is announcing the SCD40 – the first miniaturized CO2 and RH/T sensor that fits in a space of just one cubic centimeter.