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Power Electronics

5-10W Ultra-Compact Size AC/DC Converter Series LSxx-13Bxx

MORNSUN introduced an ultra-compact size AC/DC converter series LSxx-13Bxx which cover 5W, 8W and 10W takes the LS series to next steps. After this launch, the power range in the AC/DC converters is diversified and LS family can now provide 1W, 3W, 5W, 8W and 10W.

VIPer26K Converter Features High MOSFET Breakdown Voltage 1050V

The STMicroelectronics launched VIPer26K high-voltage converter comprises a 1050V avalanche-rugged N-channel power MOSFET that allow offline power supplies to combine a wide input-voltage range with the advantages of a simplified design.

AMS1117 1A LDO Regulator – Fixed/Variable

The AMS1117 is a popular SMD package 3-pin voltage regulator that is available in many models for fixed and adjustable voltage requirements. The IC can deliver a maximum current of 1A and the output voltage can vary from 1.5V to 5V.

MIC29302 3A Adjustable LDO Regulator

The MIC29302 is a high current low drop variable voltage regulator with a maximum current of 3A and a voltage drop of 450mV at full load.

VIPER22A SMPS Controller IC

The VIPER22A is a Popular SMPS controller IC form STMicroelectronics that has been extensively used in AC to DC Converters in offline power circuit designs.

LM336 2.5V Reference Voltage Diode

The LM336 is a precision 2.5V shunt regulator diode that is commonly used in Voltage reference designs. It has a dynamic Impedance of 0.2Ω with a wide operating current form 400uA to 10mA. It can also operate on high frequency upto 100Hz.   

VIPER12A SMPS Buck Regulator

The VIPER12A is a SMPS controller IC that consists of a PWM controller with a power MOSFET. It can take in AC voltage from 85V to 265V and convert to low level voltage like 5V with output current from 10mA to 200mA.  

RAC04-K/277 Series High Isolation AC/DC Modules

RECOM added a new RAC04-K/277 series to its low power AC/DC portfolio which includes durable modules with full certifications for household and ITE applications.

BCM4414 - 800V Bus Converter Module

Vicor released BCM4414 which is a new 800V, 1.5kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio Bus Converter Module able to operate from a 500V to 800V input voltage to deliver SELV output voltages with 97.7% peak efficiency.

Low Voltage Driven Photorelays in Tiny Packages

Toshiba Electronics released a family of five new photorelays housed in the smallest package, the S-VSONR4 (2.0mm x 1.45mm).