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Next-Gen Silicon Carbide Technology for High-Performance Systems


Infineon Technologies has introduced the latest generation of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET trench technology, known as the CoolSiC™ MOSFET 650 V and 1200 V Generation 2. These new MOSFETs offer enhancements in stored energies and charges, with up to a 20 percent improvement compared to previous models, while maintaining high quality and reliability standards. The CoolSiC MOSFET Generation 2 (G2) technology utilizes silicon carbide to minimize energy loss during power conversion, resulting in increased efficiency across various applications such as photovoltaics, energy storage, DC EV charging, motor drives, and industrial power supplies. Electric vehicle charging stations equipped with CoolSiC G2 technology can achieve up to a 10 percent reduction in power loss, allowing for higher charging capacities without increasing form factors. Additionally, CoolSiC G2 devices extend the range of electric vehicles and enable smaller designs in solar inverters without compromising power output, ultimately reducing the cost per watt.

CoolSiC G2 solutions utilize optimized design principles to enhance efficiency and reliability compared to existing SiC MOSFET technologies. Infineon incorporates .XT packaging technology to improve thermal conductivity, assembly control, and overall performance of CoolSiC G2 designs. With expertise in silicon, silicon carbide, and gallium nitride (GaN) power technologies, Infineon offers design flexibility and application knowledge to meet the evolving needs of modern designers. Semiconductor innovations utilizing wide-bandgap (WBG) materials like SiC and GaN contribute significantly to efficient energy usage and decarbonization initiatives.


  • 20% higher stored energy/charge
  • Maintains quality & reliability
  • Minimizes energy loss (SiC)
  • Boosts EV charger capacity (10% less loss)
  • Extends EV range & enables smaller solar inverters
  • Improved efficiency & reliability vs. previous models
  • Enhanced thermal performance with .XT packaging


  • Power electronics systems.
  • Renewable energy generation.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Industrial motor drives.
  • Energy storage solutions.
  • Photovoltaic systems.

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