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Compact 600V Super Junction for Efficient Power Solutions in Small Lighting, Motors, and Automation

Super Junction MOSFETs - SOT-223-3 Package
Super Junction MOSFETs - SOT-223-3 Package

ROHM introduces a series of compact 600V Super Junction MOSFETs (R6004END4, R6003KND4, R6006KND4, R6002JND4, and R6003JND4) in the SOT-223-3 package, designed for applications such as small lighting power supplies, pumps, and motors. Achieving a balance between high breakdown voltage and low ON resistance in Super Junction. However, ROHM optimizes the shape of the mounted chip, resulting in five models in the SOT-223-3 package (6.50mm × 7.00mm × 1.66mm). These models provide a smaller, lower profile form factor without compromising performance compared to conventional products. 

Compared to the traditional TO-252 package, the new products reduce area and thickness by 31% and 27%, respectively, maintaining the same land pattern (footprint) as the TO-252 package, facilitating mounting on existing circuit boards without modification. The R6004END4 is designed for low noise, the R6003KND4 and R6006KND4 are suitable for high-speed switching in applications requiring low loss and high efficiency, and the R6002JND4 and R6003JND4 utilizing PrestoMOS technology for lower switching losses and faster reverse recovery time.


  • Compact 600V Super Junction
  • SOT-223-3 package dimensions: 6.50mm × 7.00mm × 1.66mm
  • Innovative chip shape design
  • Conventional TO-252 package
  • Optimal balance - high breakdown voltage and low ON resistance
  • Model Variations including R6004END4, R6003KND4, R6006KND4, R6002JND4, and R6003JND4.


  • Small Lighting Power Supplies
  • Motors
  • Industrial Automation
  • Power Supplies for Electronics
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems
  • Renewable Energy Inverters
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