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Innovative QDPAK Packaging Enhances Infineon's CoolMOS™ CFD7A for High-Performance Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

650V CoolMOS CFD7A
650V CoolMOS CFD7A

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its 650 V CoolMOS™ CFD7A product portfolio by introducing the QDPAK packaging, addressing the demand for cost-effective and high-performance power electronics in electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. The QDPAK package family, offering equivalent thermal capabilities with enhanced electrical performance compared to TO247 THD devices, is designed for efficient energy utilization in onboard chargers and DC-DC converters. This addition complements the existing CoolMOS CFD7A series, providing versatility with both top-side and bottom-side cooled packages. The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A facilitates reliable operation in high-voltage applications, minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) with reduced parasitic source inductance. Suitable for high-voltage applications with a creepage distance, high current capability, and high power dissipation of up to 694 W at 25°C. The Kelvin source pin ensures improved precision for current sensing, enabling accurate measurements in challenging conditions.

The new system designs utilizing the 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A in QDPAK TSC maximize PCB space utilization, doubling power density, and enhancing thermal management through substrate thermal decoupling. This approach simplifies assembly, eliminates board stacking, reduces the need for connectors, and lowers overall system costs, providing a cost-effective, robust, and efficient solution for modern power needs.

Features of the 650V CoolMOS CFD7A series

  • Battery voltages up to 475V without compromising on reliability standards
  • Efficiency improvements in hard- and soft-switching topologies up to 98.4%
  • Kelvin-source concept for further efficiency improvement
  • Intrinsic fast body diode with -30% lower Qrr compared to CoolMOS™ CFDA

Applications of the 650V CoolMOS CFD7A series

  • Hard-switching topologies (with SiC diode)
  • DC-DC stage of OBC
  • HV-LV DC-DC converter
  • Auxiliary power supplies
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems
  • Applications Demanding High Power Density
  • Modern Power Electronics Systems
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