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VL53L0X – LIDAR Distance Sensor

This tiny module is the breakout board for the popular ST Microelectronics’ VL53L0X laser-ranging sensor. This sensor is used to measure the range of a target within 2 meters. It is a laser ranging module which uses the time of flight principle to measure the distance.

Automotive Wireless charging Solution with integrated NFC Communication for Smartphone charging

Combining the Wireless Power Transmission control IC (BD57121MUF-M) from ROHM semiconductors and the 8-bit Microcontroller (STM8A) from STMicroelectronics, a new automotive grade AEC-Q100 qualified wireless charging solution has been announced.

ISO8200AQ - Isolated High-Side Smart Power switch with SPI for Factory automation

The ISO8200AQ is a galvanic isolated octal high side smart power solid state relay with SPI interface from STMicroelectronics.