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The FGA15N120 is a high voltage IGBT with a Collector to Emitter voltage of 1200V and continuous collector current of 30A.  It also has a very low collector emitter saturation voltage of 1.9V and low switching losses.  


The FGA25N120 is a high voltage and high current IGBT with NPT Trench Technology. The IGBT can switch 1200V with a current rating of upto 50A. It also has a very low gate saturation voltage of 2V allowing it to be used in low voltage driver side designs.

IEWS20R5135IPB – Protected IGBT with built-in driver IC for Induction Heating Applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the new F-Series Protected IGBTs with TRENCHSTOP feature. This new IGBT includes built-in logic functionality and a dedicated driver IC which is programmable by the user.

FGA25N120ANTD 1200V NPT Trench IGBT

Pin Configuration Pin Name Description G Gate, Controls the ON-OFF of the transistor