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New Switching Regulator Series with High Efficiency and Wide Input Range suitable for Industrial & Automation Applications

R-78K-2.0 Series
R-78K-2.0 Series

Recom has announced the new version R-78K-2.0(L) of the low-cost R-78K-2.0 series which is now available with 90-degree, pre-formed, through-hole pins for horizontal mounting where a low profile of just 8.5mm is an advantage. This new Series has the same electrical specifications and fixed output options from 1.2V to 15V, with a maximum input voltage of 36V. The R-78K-2.0 series is a switching regulator module that has been designed to offer all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input range, accurate output voltage regulation) but with a low cost for production quantities. It is suitable for applications such as industrial & automation, building & home automation, test & measurement, etc.

The R-78K-2.0(L) series has a maximum case temperature of +110°C, allowing operation to +90°C ambient for some variants without derating, dependent on the input voltage. Quiescent current is 1mA maximum for energy savings and extended battery life in portable equipment. The low-profile, horizontal mounting option suits products with component height restrictions and is complemented by the high efficiency achieved, peaking at 96%. This means that no heatsinking is required, further saving space and costs. Input under-voltage and short-circuit protection is provided, and the parts are certified to IEC/EN 62368-1 3rd edition.



  • Efficiency up to 96%, no need for heatsinks

  • 4.5 - 36VDC wide input voltage

  • -40°C to +90°C ambient operation without derating

  • Pin compatible with 78 series regulators

  • Non isolated DC/DC converter

  • Undervoltage and short circuit protection



  • Industrial & automation

  • Building & home automation

  • Test & measurement

  • Energy

  • Semifab

Component Datasheet

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