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CCS811 Air Quality Gas Sensor Module

CCS811 Pinout Configuration Power Pins

MQ-4 Methane Gas Sensor

MQ4 Gas Sensor Pinout Configuration For MQ-4 Sensor Module Pin Name Description VCC

LM335 Temperature Sensor

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1 Adj

GY-BMP280 Module

Pin configuration Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description 1 VCC

IR Sensor Module

Pin Configuration Pin Name Description VCC Power Supply Input GND

Piezoelectric Sensor

Pin Configuration Pin Name Description Outer Circle This gives Negative output voltage Inner Circle

Pulse Sensor

Features Biometric Pulse Rate or Heart Rate detecting sensor Plug and Play type sensor Operating Voltage: +5V or +3.3V Current Consumption: 4mA Inbuilt Amplification and Noise cancellation circuit. Diameter: 0.625” Thickne

TCRT5000 IR Sensor

Pin Configuration 1 Collector The collector of the phototransistor is connected to +5V 2 Emitter

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

Pin Configuration No: Pin Name Description 1 Ground

PT100 RTD Sensor

Pin Configuration The PT100 sensor is just like a variable resistor, whose resistance varies with respect to the environment temperature. There are many types of PT100 sensors, the one we use here is a two wire one.