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New CO2 Sensor with PAS Technology Designed for Air Conditioning Systems and Ventilation

Innovative CO2 Sensor from Infineon
Innovative CO2 Sensor from Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a new XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor which is based on the innovative PAS technology and can be used to monitor indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. This CO2 sensor is suitable for applications like ventilation, air conditioning systems, portable room air monitoring devices, and smart speakers.


Through its use in air conditioning systems or in air quality monitors, this new sensor allows targeted control of the air quality that contributes to health and well-being and also improves productivity. With less than a quarter of the size of conventional CO2 NDIR sensors, this device enables highly efficient measurement with a very small footprint.


This sensor features an integrated microcontroller that directly converts the CO2 measurement into a ppm value, which is available via three interfaces: the serial I²C, UART, and PWM interface. Moreover, the spectrum for the CO2 measurement covers a range from 0 ppm to 32,000 ppm with an accuracy of ± 30 ppm ±3 percent (0-8000ppm).

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