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High Precision Coreless Current Sensor with Hall Technology for Automotive and Industrial Applications

XENSIV TLE4972 Automotive Current Sensor
XENSIV TLE4972 Automotive Current Sensor

Infineon Technologies has launched a new XENSIV TLE4972 automotive current sensor that offers state-of-the-art sensing without the negative effects caused by magnetic cores and uses Infineon’s Hall technology for precise and stable current measurements. This new coreless current sensor with compact design and diagnosis modes is ideal for xEV applications like traction inverters used in hybrid and battery-driven vehicles, as well as for battery main switches. Moreover, due to its differential sensing structure, neither core nor shield is required to protect the sensor against stray fields.


The TLE4972 sensor causes very low-power losses due to the magnetic sensing principle and can be used as a redundant solution in 400V or 800V battery main switches. The integrated EEPROM allows to customize the sensor for different applications and supports measurement ranges up to 2kA. This sensor features two separate output pins for overcurrent detection with a typical response time of less than 1µs and the drift of sensitivity plus offset over temperature is below 1.6 percent.



  • High accurate, scalable, DC & AC current sensing

  • Very low sensitivity error over temperature and lifetime

  • Excellent stability of offset over temperature and lifetime

  • High bandwidth provides fast response time and low phase delay

  • Differential sensor principle ensures superior magnetic stray field suppression

  • Two independent fast Over-Current Detection (OCD) pins with configurable thresholds enable fast protection mechanisms for power circuitry (typical 0.7µs)

  • Full scale up to 31 mT for high current applications



  • Automotive electrical drives

  • Auxiliary drives

  • Current monitoring

  • Overload and over-current detection

  • Automotive power train

  • Battery main switch

  • On board chargers, etc



Samples of the XENSIV TLE4972-AE35D5 (PG-TDSO-16) are now available and the TLE4972-AE35S5 (PG-VSON-6) will be available in 2022.


Component Datasheet

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