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New High-Bandwidth Current Sensors Enable High-Performance Power Conversion in EV & Data Center Applications

High-Bandwidth Current Sensors
High-Bandwidth Current Sensors

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has announced the launch of its new high-bandwidth current sensors, the ACS37030 and the ACS37032, which enable high-performance power conversion with GaN and SiC technologies in electrified vehicles, clean energy solutions and data center applications. These new sensors are designed to provide efficiency and high performance with reduced design time and board space. They employ a dual signal paths approach, with one path capturing low-frequency and DC current using Hall-effect elements and the other path capturing high-frequency current data through an inductive coil.

The ACS37030 and ACS37032 are fully integrated current sensor IC that senses current flowing through the primary conductor. There are two signal paths utilized, a Hall-effect element path to capture DC and low frequency current information, and an inductive coil path to capture high frequency current information. These two paths are combined to allow for sensing of a wide frequency band with a single device.

These sensors are offered in the LZ fused-lead SOIC-6 package, providing 420 VRMS reinforced isolation in a compact and more cost-effective package compared to the SOICW-16 package. These sensors feature a voltage reference output pin for use in noisy supply environments. The SOIC-6 package has lower conductor resistance versus standard SOIC-8 packages and supports higher isolation up to 840VRMS basic isolation or 420VRMS reinforced isolation.


  • High bandwidth, 5 MHz analog output

  • ±2% sensitivity error across temperature

  • Fused-lead SOIC-6 package supports 840 VRMS basic isolation and 420 VRMS reinforced isolation

  • Non-ratiometric operation with VREF output for enhanced accuracy in noisy environments

  • 0.68 mΩ internal primary conductor resistance for better power efficiency


  • xEV On-board charger

  • xEV DC-DC

  • Server power supply/datacenter power supply

  • Solar DC-DC

Component Datasheet

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