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LRMAH2512 SMT Shunt Resistors for Motor Control and Power Supply Precision

LRMAH2512 SMT Shunt Resistors
LRMAH2512 SMT Shunt Resistors

TT Electronics introduced their latest innovation – the LRMAH2512 surface-mount technology (SMT) shunt resistors. These resistors are designed to complement TT's existing LRMAP3920 and LRMAP5930 models. With a robust 6W rating, the LRMAH2512 is specifically tailored for precision current measurements in motor control, power supply, and battery management applications. The significance of the LRMAH2512 in providing precision and surge-resistant current measurements within PCB assemblies. This metal alloy SMT shunt resistor, integrated into TT's range of current sense resistors with AEC-Q200 approval.

The LRMAH2512 builds upon TT's expertise in current sense resistors, offering values down to 200µΩ at 1% tolerance with TCRs down to 50ppm/°C. It's low TCR and low inductance design enable accurate current sensing without the need for compensation circuitry. Additionally, the resistor has a short-term overload rating up to 15W for 5 seconds, coupled with high energy capacity, making it resilient against high inrush or switching surges.


  • Metal alloy for durability
  • High energy capacity
  • Temperature coefficient of resistance
  • Robust 6W rating
  • Low inductance design


  • Motor control systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Inverter and converter circuits
  • Voltage regulation circuits
  • Current monitoring and protection circuits
  • Surge protection circuits
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