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Littelfuse Launches SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors for High-Performance

SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors
SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors

Littelfuse has introduced the SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors. These two-terminal, ultra-low resistance shunt resistors are designed to meet the increasing demand for accurate current measurement in high-performance applications. Unlike competing technologies such as Hall effect sensors, current transformers, flux gate sensors, and Rogowski coils, the Littelfuse Current Shunt Resistor offers a more efficient solution for both AC and DC circuits. With a higher power rating than metal foil resistors, the SSA Series excels in applications demanding rigorous current sensing due to high-power requirements. Available in compact sizes (2512, 3921, and 5931) with a resistance range of 0.2 – 4.0 mΩ. Power rating up to 15 W, tolerance as low as ±1.0%, and TCR down to ±50 ppm / ºC. Ensures reliable performance with good heat dissipation. The versatile product is suitable for various markets and applications, including automotive electronics, EV charging, large appliances, data centers, industrial, power modules, and frequency converters.

Features of SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors

  • English case sizes 2512, 3921, and 5931
  • Resistance form 0.2mΩ - 4mΩ
  • Power up to 15W
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Tolerance down to ±1.0%
  • TCR down to ±50 ppm/˚C

Applications of SSA Series Current Shunt Resistors

  • Power Hybrid Application
  • Frequency Converter
  • Power Module
  • Communication System
  • EV charging
  • Automotive electronics

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