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PIC12C508 Microcontroller

The PIC12C508 is low cost 8-Pin Microcontroller from Microchip. It is a simple 8-bit controller with four oscillators including 4MHz internal RC oscillators. The controller is very old and has been in the market for a long time now.  

STM32H7 - High Performance MCUs with Arm Cortex-M7 and M4 Cores

STMicroelectronics released new STM32H7 Arm Cortex-M general-purpose MCUs, combining dual-core punch with power saving features and enhanced protection.

PIC16F887 Microcontroller

The PIC16F887 is an 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip. The 40-pin IC has 14 Channel 10-bit ADC making it suitable for applications which require more ADC inputs. The IC also has 2 Comparators, 2 Timers (8-bit and 16-bit) and supports SPI, I2C and UART communication protocols.  

Microchip SAM R30 Module for Low-power Wireless Sensor Nodes

Designers of wireless, space-constrained sensor nodes require connectivity solutions that minimize size and provide multiple years of battery life.

PIC Microcontroller Development Board for Cloud IoT Core

From coffee makers to thermostats to irrigation systems, PIC microcontrollers (MCU) are at the heart of millions of embedded applications.

STM32MP1 Microprocessor Series with Linux Distribution to Speed IoT and Smart Industry Innovation

STMicroelectronics enhanced its industry-leading STM32 MCU portfolio to applications requiring even more performance, resources and large open-source software, by introducing the STM32MP1 multicore microprocessor series with compute and graphics support combined

STM8-SO8-DISCO Discovery Development kit for STM8S and STM8L Microcontrollers

ST Microelectronics has today announced a new development board called the STM8-SO8-DISCO Discovery kit with three microcontrollers namely STM8S001J3M3, STM8L001J3M3 and STM8L050J3M3.

SLM97 – Miniaturized industrial-grade eSIM for M2M applications

With a dimension of only 2.5mm×2.7mm, Infineon Technologies has launched an industrial-grade embedded SIM (eSIM) in a Wafer-level- Chip-scale Package (WLCSP) which it claims to be the first of its kind in the industry.

MSP430 Launchpad

MSP430 Launchpad is a hardware development tool for MSP430 Value Line series of microcontrollers and is popular among hobbyist for its low cost and features.