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Next-generation PSOC Edge MCUs Portfolio Features Powerful AI Capabilities for IoT, Consumer, and Industrial Applications

Next-generation PSOC Edge MCUs Portfolio
Next-generation PSOC Edge MCUs Portfolio

Infineon Technologies AG has released details of its new PSOC Edge family of microcontrollers (MCUs) optimized for machine learning (ML) applications. The three new PSOC Edge MCU series, E81, E83, and E84 offer a scalable and compatible range of performance, features, and memory options. They are all supported with comprehensive system design tools and software that enable developers to quickly move from concept to product and bring new ML-enabled Internet of Thing (IoT), consumer, and industrial applications to market. Target applications for the PSOC Edge E8x series include Human Machine Interface (HMI) in appliances and industrial devices, smart home and security systems, robotics, and wearables.

The new PSOC Edge E81, E83, and E84 microcontrollers are based on the high-performance Arm Cortex-M55, including Arm Helium DSP support paired with Arm Ethos-U55, and Cortex-M33 paired with Infineon’s ultra-low power NNLite. In addition, all three series support extensive peripheral sets, on-chip memory, robust hardware security features, and a variety of connectivity options including USB HS/FS with PHY CAN, Ethernet, WiFi 6, BTBLE, and Matter. The PSOC Edge E81 utilizes the Arm Helium DSP technology along with the Infineon NNLite Neural Network (NN) accelerator. The PSOC Edge E83 and E84 include the Arm Ethos-U55 micro-NPU processor, which provides a 480x improvement in ML performance compared to existing Cortex-M systems, and they support the Infineon NNlite neural network accelerator for ML applications in the low-power compute domain.

All three series support voice/audio sensing for activation and control, while the E83 and E84 MCUs deliver increased capabilities for advanced HMI implementations, including ML-based wake-up, and vision-based position detection and face/object recognition. The PSOC Edge E84 series adds a low-power graphics display (up to 1028x768) to the extensive feature set.


  • High-performance Cortex-M55 CPU with Helium DSP

  • Low-power Cortex-M33 with FPU, DSP and NNLite for AI/ML hardware acceleration

  • HMI interfaces

  • Lockstep secured enclave in low-power always-on domain

  • Infineon Edge Protect Category 4

  • Off-the-shelf Trusted Firmware-M enablement and Mbed-TLS for crypto operations

  • Comprehensive collection of multi-platform tools and software libraries

  • Includes board support packages (BSPs), peripheral driver library (PDL), and middleware such as CAPSENSE


  • Wearable devices

  • Smart home devices

  • Security systems

  • HMI applications

Component Datasheet

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