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2SC1345 NPN Amplifier Transistor

The 2SC1345 is a low signal NPN amplifier transistor with a collector to emitter voltage of 50V and collector current of 100mA. The Transistor has a high gain value from 250 to 1200 making it suitable for amplifier designs.  

2SC1061 NPN Power Transistor

The 2SC1061 is a NPN Power Transistor in To-220 package. It has a DC current gain from 35 to 320 and transition frequency of 5MHz. It is commonly used in high power amplifier application along with its complementary PNP part 2SA671.  

BC546 NPN Transistor

The BC546 is a high frequency NPN Transistor commonly used in low noise amplifier designs. It has a maximum gain value of 800 and a high collector to emitter voltage of 65V making it also suitable for high voltage audio amplifier applications.   

MJE13005 NPN Transistor

The MJE13005 is a high voltage high speed NPN Transistor. It has a high collector emitter voltage of 400V with a continuous collector current of 4A.

MPF102 N-Channel JFET

The MPF102 JFET is a popular N-Channel JFET that is commonly used in low power amplifier circuits. The JFET is no longer in production and finding it might be difficult. So they are not recommended for new designs.  

MPSA13 NPN Darlington Transistor

The MPSA13 is an NPN Darlington Transistor with a high DC Gain of 5000 and a high Transition Frequency of 125MHz making it suitable for amplifier designs.  

MPSA06 NPN Amplifier Transistor

The MPSA06 is an 80V 500mA general purpose NPN transistor with a maximum gain value of 100.  This makes the transistor suitable for amplifier applications.   Pin Configuration Pin Number