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2N547 N-Channel JFET

The 2N547 is an age old JFET that was commonly used in Pre-Amp circuits. The JFET has VDS of 25V and VGS of 25V with a Gate current of 10mA. The FET also has high Input Impedance and Low Input Capacitance.  

MMBT2222A NPN Transistor

The MMBT2222A is the SMD (SOT-23) version of the popular 2N2222A Transistor. It has a collector current of 0.6A and Collector Emitter voltage of 40V.

BC337 NPN Amplifier Transistor

The BC337 is an NPN transistor with a maximum gain of 630, commonly used in low power audio applications. It can also switch loads upto 45V and 800mA hence also used as general purpose transistor.   

MMBT3904 – NPN Signal Transistor

The MMBT3904 is and SMD package NPN Transistor with VCE of 40V and a collector current of 200mA. It can be used as small signal switching transistor. It also has a low base voltage of 6V.  

TIP120 – Darlington NPN Transistor

The TIP120 is a NPN Darlington Power Transistor. It can switch loads upto 60V with a peak current of 8A and continuous current of 5A. This makes it suitable for medium and high power electronics like controlling motors, solenoids or high power LEDs.  

2N5401 PNP Transistor

2N5401 is a PNP transistor designed specifically for high voltage - low power switching applications and amplifications.

2N3055 – NPN Power Transistor

2N3055 is a general purpose NPN power transistor manufactured with the epitaxial base process, mounted in a hermetically sealed metal case. The device is designed for general purpose switching and amplifier applications.  

2N2646 Unijunction Transistor

2N2646 is general purpose silicon PN Unijunction Transistor that is designed for general purpose industrial applications. The device is popular as a triggering device and is not suited for driving power loads.  

2N4403 - PNP Transistor

2N4403 is a general purpose PNP transistor used for low power switching and amplifier applications. The NPN complementary for the device is 2N4400, 2N4401.

D880 NPN Transistor

Pin Configuration Pin Number Pin Name Description 1 Base
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