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STMicroelectronics Launches Next-Gen 600V GaN Bridge Devices for Streamlined Power-Supply Design

Integrated GaN HEMT Bridge Devices
Integrated GaN HEMT Bridge Devices for versatile power applications

STMicroelectronics introduces the MasterGaN1L, advancing integrated gallium-nitride (GaN) bridge devices for efficient power-supply design. These devices combine 650V GaN high electron-mobility transistors (HEMT) with optimized gate drivers, system protection, and an integrated bootstrap diode. The MasterGaN1L is designed for applications up to 500W, featuring a low RDS (on) of 150mΩ and a rated current of 10A. It consumes a mere 20 mW of no-load power, ensuring high conversion efficiency and compliance with industry standards for standby power and average efficiency. The MasterGaN4L, targeting applications up to 200W, boasts an RDS (on) of 225mΩ and a rated current of 6.5A. With signal voltage inputs ranging from 3.3V to 15V, these devices provide flexibility for connecting to controlling devices like microcontrollers, DSPs, or Hall-effect sensors. The compact power package simplifies design, enhances reliability, reduces the bill of materials, and facilitates circuit layout. Designed for switched-mode power supplies, adapters, and chargers, these devices offer improved efficiency and lower standby power and are pin-compatible with previous versions. The MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L feature optimized turn-on delay, accommodating higher frequencies and efficiencies, especially in resonant topologies.

Features of the (GaN) HEMT Bridge Devices

  • 600 V system-in-package integrating a half-bridge gate driver and high-voltage
  • Reverse current capability
  • Zero reverse recovery loss
  • UVLO protection on VCC
  • Internal bootstrap diode
  • Dedicated pin for shutdown functionality
  • 3 V to 15 V compatible inputs with hysteresis and pull-down
  • Overtemperature protection

Applications of the (GaN) HEMT Bridge Devices

  • High-frequency Resonant Converters including LLC, LCC, and Resonant Flyback
  • Active Clamp Flybacks
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Chargers and adapters
  • PFC, High-voltage DC-DC, and DC-AC Converters

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