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Digital and Analog MEMS Microphones for Portable Electronics Devices

CUI’s new comprehensive line of MEMS microphones offer improved audio quality, performance and reliability.

3.5mm Audio Jack (Male)

The audio jacks was invented in the 19th century for the purpose of use in telephone switchboards and still used widely to transfer analog audio signals. Pin Configuration Pin No.

TDA7265 - 25 +25W Stereo Audio Amplifier IC

TDA7265 is a 25 Watt + 25 Watt stereo audio amplifier IC. The chip is a class AB dual audio power amplifier in Multiwatt package specifically designed for high quality sound application as music centers and stereo TV sets.  

TDA2005- 20 Watt Bridge/Stereo Amplifier IC

TDA2005 is a 20 Watt audio amplifier IC, a class B dual audio power amplifier in Multiwatt11 package specifically designed for car radio applications. Because of high current capability (up to 3.5Amp) the chip can be used to design Power booster amplifiers easily.

TDA1554 Audio Amplifier

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Description 1. NINV1

TDA7294 100V-100W DMOS Audio Amplifier

Pin Configuration Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description 1 Stand-By GND
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