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Ultralow Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output Dual Audio Operational Amplifier for Preamplifiers and Active Filters

Dual Audio Operational Amplifier
Dual Audio Operational Amplifier

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has introduced a dual audio operational amplifier NJM8830 that features ultra-low distortion, and wide gain bandwidth, and is suitable for audio equipment that requires high sound quality, high performance, and miniaturization. This amplifier with ultra-low noise and a high slew rate is ideal for audio equipment such as preamplifiers, active filters, microphone amplifiers, line amplifiers, and headphone amplifiers. Moreover, it can be widely used as a high-performance audio operational amplifier.



  • Ultralow Distortion: 0.000012% typ. at f=1kHz

  • Ultralow Noise: 2.5nV/√Hz typ. at f=1kHz

  • Wide Gain Bandwidth Product: 90MHz typ.

  • High Slew Rate: 30V/µs typ

  • High Output Current: 100mA typ.

  • Operating Voltage: ±2.0V to ±5.25V

  • Supply Current 6.5mA typ. (Dual)

  • Rail-to-Rail Output

  • Bipolar Input



  • Portable Audio

  • Home Audio

  • Professional Audio

  • Car Audio

Component Datasheet

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