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INMP441 MEMS High Precision Omnidirectional Microphone Module

The INMP441 mems sensor is a high-performance, low-power digital I2S output omnidirectional MEMS microphone. Built on a compact footprint, this module is specifically designed for advanced audio and voice recognition applications. With its inherent low-noise and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) attributes, it offers crystal-clear audio capture even in challenging environments. Its compatibility with the I2S interface, a standard used for transmitting digital audio between devices, ensures that it can be integrated into a diverse range of audio processing setups. The INMP441 microphone module is an invaluable component for developers looking to incorporate superior audio input capabilities into their projects.


INMP441 Pinout

The INMP441 microphone modules have six pins, three on each side as shown in the above pinout image. The inmp441 pins on the module are spaced in such a way that it can be easily mounted on a breadboard. The pin definition for INMP441 microphone module is shown below.  




Serial-Data Clock for I²S Interface


Serial-Data Output for I²S Interface. This pin tri-states when not actively driving the
appropriate output channel.


Serial Data-Word Select for I²S Interface


Left/Right Channel Select. When set low, the microphone outputs its signal in the left channel
of the I²S frame. When set high, the microphone outputs its signal in the right channel.


Power, 1.8 V to 3.3 V




Features of INMP441Microphone Module

  • Digital I²S Interface with High-Precision 24-Bit Data 
  • High SNR of 61 dBA
  • High Sensitivity of -26 dBFS
  • Flat Frequency Response from 60 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Low Current Consumption of 1.4 mA
  • High PSR of -75 dBFS
  • Small 4.72 × 3.76 × 1 mm Surface-Mount Package
  • Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb-Free Solder Processes
  • RoHS/WEEE Compliant


Other Popular MEMS Microphones

ICS-43434, SPH0645, MSM261S4030H0


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the INMP441 microphone datasheet at this page’s end.


Functional Block Diagram of INMP441 MEMS Microphone

Functional Block Diagram of INMP441 MEMS Microphone

The above image shows the functional block diagram of an INMP441 MEMS microphone. The INMP441 sensor contains a MEMS sensor, signal conditioning, an ADC, anti-aliasing filters, power management, and an industry-standard 24-bit I2S interface all in a small and compact package.


INMP441 Module Schematic Diagram

The image below shows the schematic diagram of INMP441 module. Schematics itself is pretty simple. Only a filter capacitor and two pull down resistors are used.

INMP441 module schematic diagram



  • Teleconferencing Systems
  • Remote Controls
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Mobile Devices
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Security Systems


2D-Model and Dimensions

Below is the 2D CAD drawing of INMP441 module along with its dimensions in millimeters. The dimensions can be used to create custom footprints of the module and be used for PCB or CAD modeling.

INMP441 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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