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New MDmesh K6 800V Power MOSFETs Minimize System-Power Losses in LED Drivers and HID Lamps

MDmesh K6 800V Power MOSFETs
MDmesh K6 800V Power MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new super-junction 800V STPOWER MDmesh K6 series that enhances several key parameters to minimize system-power losses and is especially suited to lighting applications based on flyback topology, such as LED drivers, HID lamps, as well as adapters, and power supplies for flat-panel displays. These new series products include good RDS(on) classes combined with through-hole and SMD packages solutions which allows compact new designs that combine high power density.


This new series has a reduced threshold voltage compared with the previous MDmesh K5 generation, enabling a lower driving voltage and thus reducing power losses and gaining efficiency mainly for zero-watt standby applications. Moreover, the total gate charge (Qg) of this series is also very low, permitting high switching speeds and low losses.



  • Industry’s best RDS(on) for 800V voltage range

  • High switching speed

  • Lower VGS(th)

  • Lowest Qg



  • LED Drivers

  • HID Lamps

  • Adapters

  • Power supplies



The STP80N240K6 MOSFET in TO-220 through-hole package is now available in full production with free samples at ST eSTore. The DPAK and TO-220FP versions will be in full production by January 2022 with pricing starts at $1.013 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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