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100V MOSFET in DFN 5x6 Package Achieves Low Thermal Resistance to Enable Reliable Designs in Telecom and Industrial Applications

AONA66916 Power MOSFET
AONA66916 Power MOSFET

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the AONA66916, a 100V MOSFET packaged in the company’s designed top and bottom side cooling DFN 5 x 6 package. The new top and bottom cooling DFN 5x6 package is designed to achieve the highest heat transfer between the exposed top contact and heat sink due to its large surface contact area construction. This allows the device to achieve a low thermal resistance (Rthc-top max) of 0.5°C / W with results being transferred to the PCB board, enabling significant thermal performance improvements. The top exposed DFN 5x6 package of the AONA66916 shares the same 5mm x 6mm footprint as AOS’ standard DFN 5x6 package, eliminating the need to modify existing PCB layouts.


The AONA66916 MOSFET utilizes AOS’ 100V AlphaSGT™ technology, providing excellent FOM for balanced performance in hard switching applications. This MOSFET has a maximum RDS(on) rating of 3.4mOhms and has a 175°C junction temperature rating.



  • AlphaSGTTM N-Channel Power MOSFET

  • Combination of Low RDS(ON)and wide safe operating area (SOA)

  • Higher in-rush current enabled for faster start-up and shorter down time

  • PB-free lead plating, RoHS complaint, Halogen-free

  • Top Side cooling for improved thermal performance



  • Telecom

  • Solar

  • DC-DC


Availability & Pricing

The AONA66916 MOSFET is available in production quantities with a lead time of 14-16 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $1.85.

Component Datasheet

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