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LM741 Op-amp IC

LM741 Pin Configuration

Pin Number

Pin Name


1 , 5


Pin used for remove the offset voltage and balance input voltage.



Inverting signal Input



Non-Inverting signal Input



Ground or Negative Supply Voltage



Output of op amp



Positive Supply Voltage



Not connected


LM741 Op-Amp IC Features and Specifications

  • LM741 has only one op-amp inside, there are some op-amp IC’s having more than one op-amp like LM358, LM148, LM248, LM348
  • Provided with short circuit and overload protection.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Large common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and differential voltage ranges.
  • No external frequency compensation is required.
  • Prevent from latch-up when common-mode range is exceeded.
  • Minimum, normal and maximum Power Consumption for this IC is ±10v, ±15v and ±22v respectively.
  • Operating temperature should be -50 to 125 ˚C.
  • Supply current – 1.7 to 2.8mA.
  • Soldering pin temperature – PDIP package - 260 ˚C (for 10 seconds – prescribed)
  • TO-99 and CDIP - 300 ˚C (for 10 seconds – prescribed)
  • Available packages: TO-99, CDIP & PDIP


LM741 Equivalent Op-Amp ICs

LM741A, LM741C, LM709C, LM201, MC1439, and LM748


Brief Description

An LM741 operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high gain electronic voltage amplifier. It has only one op-amp inside. An operational amplifier IC is used as a comparator which compares the two signal, the inverting and non-inverting signal. The main function of this IC is to do mathematical operation in various circuits. Op-amps have large gain and usually used as Voltage Amplifier. The LM741 can operate with a single or dual power supply voltage.

OUTPUT Voltage = Gain * Input Voltage

Op-amp LM741 Pin Diagram

An op-amp can be used in two ways:

1. Inverting Op-amp

When input source is connected to inverting terminal PIN 2 and feedback with the output PIN 6 then the op-amp is in inverting condition. Like if PIN 2 is having +ve polarity then we will get –ve polarity of output from PIN 6.

GAIN = Rf/R1

Op-amp as inverting amplifier


2. Non-inverting Op-amp

When input source is connected to non-inverting terminal PIN 3 and PIN 2 is feedback with the output PIN 6 then the op-amp is in non-inverting condition. Like if PIN 3 is having +ve polarity then we will get +ve polarity of output from PIN 6.

GAIN = 1+ (Rf/R1)

Op-amp as non-inverting amplifier


Working Concept

When voltage at non-inverting input (+) is higher than the voltage at inverting input (-), then the output of comparator is HIGH. And if the voltage of inverting input (-) is Higher than non-inverting end (+), then output is LOW. The output of the operational amplifier is the product of the gain and the input voltage.


LM741 Applications

  • Comparators
  • DC Amplifiers
  • Integrator or Differentiators
  • Summing Amplifiers
  • Multi-vibrators
  • Active Filters
  • General feedback applications



In Op-amp IC 741, PIN2 is an inverting input terminal and PIN3 is non-inverting input terminal. The output pin of this IC is PIN6.

2D model of Op-amp IC LM741

Component Datasheet

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