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Vishay Intertechnology

IHLP-4040ED-5A Low Profile High Current Automotive grade Inductors

With a high DCR value of 1.05 to 204 mΩ Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of inductors suited for under the hood automotive applications. The values of these inductors range from 0.33 to 75.0 uH with a maximum saturation current of 20.8A.

IHLP Inductors – Low Profile and High Current Inductors

Earlier in the month of September, Vishay Intertechnology extended a new family of inductors called the IHLP Inductors.  These Inductors have a low DCR value and high current ranges, the value of these inductors vary from 1.0uH to 100uH and are suitable for commercial and industrial applications.