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STNRGPF12 - Flexible Digital Power-Factor Controller for Industrial Applications

STMicroelectronics has launched STNRGPF12 dual-channel digital interleaved boost-PFC controller combined with the flexibility of digital power with the responsiveness of analog algorithms. The STNRGPF12 is easily configured and optimized using the STM’s eDesignSuite software.

AIS2DW12 - Robust, Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer for Secure Remote Key Fobs

The STMicroelectronics released the AIS2DW12 which is an ultra-low-power three-axis linear accelerometer which leverages on the robust and mature manufacturing processes already used for the production of micro-machined accelerometers and designed to address non-

STP80NF70 N-Channel MOSFET

The STP80NF70 is an N-channel Power MOSFET from ST Microelectronics. It has a drain to source voltage of 68V and a continuous collector current of 98A with low gate threshold voltage of 2-4V.

STM32H7 - High Performance MCUs with Arm Cortex-M7 and M4 Cores

STMicroelectronics released new STM32H7 Arm Cortex-M general-purpose MCUs, combining dual-core punch with power saving features and enhanced protection.