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STMicroelectronics Unveils Efficient and Reliable STL120N10F8 MOSFETs for Power Management Applications


The STL120N10F8 MOSFET from STMicroelectronics is a high-efficiency N-channel power MOSFET made for power management in various applications. It utilizes advanced STPOWER STripFET F8 technology, which provides low conduction losses and low gate charge for efficient switching performance. With a maximum RDS (on) of 4.6mΩ and the ability to function at switching frequencies up to 600kHz, the MOSFET offers superior efficiency in both hard- and soft-switching topologies.

The MOSFET is suitable for use in various applications, including motor control, power supplies, LED and low-voltage lighting, and battery-powered devices. It is fully qualified to industrial-grade specifications, making it ideal for use in industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics applications. Additionally, the MOSFET has a tight spread in the gate-threshold voltage (VGS(th)), simplifying the parallel connection of multiple devices in high-current applications.

The MOSFET's output capacitance value helps mitigate drain-source voltage spikes and minimize wasted charge-discharge energy. The MOSFET body-drain-diode characteristic has increased softness, reducing electromagnetic emissions and easing compliance testing for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. The device is extremely robust and can withstand short-circuit currents up to 800A for pulses in the range of 10µs. The STL120N10F8 is available in the PowerFLAT5x6 package and is priced at $1.04 for orders of 1000 pieces.

Here are the key features of ST's 100V MOSFET in PowerFLAT 5x6:

  • Low on-resistance per unit area, making it efficient at handling high voltage
  • 40% lower Figure of Merit (FOM) than previous 100V MOSFETs, making it more efficient overall

Low device capacitances, which allow for excellent switching speed and minimize dynamic parameters like gate-drain charge, further boosting system efficiency.

Component Datasheet

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