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New High Efficiency 30 V Symmetric Dual MOSFETs in Compact PowerPAIR 3x3FS Package

New High Efficiency 30 V Symmetric Dual MOSFETs
New High Efficiency 30 V Symmetric Dual MOSFETs

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two new 30 V symmetric dual n-channel power MOSFETs (SiZF5300DT and SiZF5302DT ) that combine high and low side TrenchFET® Gen V MOSFETs in a single 3.3 mm by 3.3 mm PowerPAIR® 3x3FS package. The devices are designed for power conversion in computing and telecom applications and are aimed at increasing efficiency while reducing component counts and simplifying designs.

  • The dual MOSFETs can be used in place of two discrete devices in the PowerPAK 1212 package, saving 50 % board space and offering a 63 % smaller footprint than dual MOSFETs in the PowerPAIR 6x5F package.
  • Applications for the devices include synchronous buck converters, point of load (POL) conversion, and DC/DC modules in laptops with USB-C power delivery, servers, DC cooling fans, and telecom equipment.
  • The SiZF5302DT is optimised for 50 % duty cycles and best in class efficiency, in particular from 1 A to 4 A, while the SiZF5300DT is optimised for heavy loads in the 12 A to 15 A range.
  • The MOSFETs leverages Vishay’s 30 V Gen V technology for optimal on-resistance and gate charge. The SiZF5300DT provides typical on-resistance of 2.02 mΩ at 10 V and 2.93 mΩ at 4.5 V, while the SiZF5302DT features on-resistance of 2.7 mΩ at 10 V and 4.4 mΩ at 4.5 V.
  • The resulting ultra low on-resistance times gate charge is 35 % lower than previous-generation solutions with similar on-resistance. For high frequency switching applications, the result is a 2 % increase in efficiency, allowing for efficiency of 98 % at 100 W.
  • The devices’ flip-chip technology enhances thermal dissipation, while their unique pin configuration enables a simplified PCB layout and supports shortened switching loops to minimize power loss.

The SiZF5300DT and SiZF5302DT are now available for samples and production quantities, with a lead time of 20 weeks.

Component Datasheet

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