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New 80V Power MOSFET with Shield Gate Technology Optimized for Higher Switching Frequencies in Telecom and Server Power Supply

80V Power MOSFET with Shield Gate Technology
80V Power MOSFET with Shield Gate Technology

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the release of 80V Power MOSFET with patented Shield Gate Technology that is optimized for higher switching frequencies used in telecom and server power supply. The new AOTL66810 MOSFET offers the highest levels of power density and energy efficiency, which are essential in solar, power supplies, and battery power applications such as in eScooters. Moreover, this device is ideally suited for industrial BLDC motor applications and battery management to reduce the number of MOSFETs in parallel.


This new MOSFET in TOLL package has a 1.25mOhms max at 10Vgs with a maximum drain current of 420A at 25°C and offers a 25% smaller footprint than a standard wire-bonded TO-263 (D2PAK) package.



  • AlphaSGT N-Channel Power MOSFET 80V

  • Excellent gate charge x RDS(ON) product (FOM)

  • PB-free lead plating, RoHS compliant



  • BLDC Motor Drive

  • Battery Management

  • Load Switch

Component Datasheet

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