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High-Power SiC MOSFET Dual Modules with Built-in NTC Thermistor designed for Renewable Energy Power Generation Systems

SiC MOSFET Dual Modules
SiC MOSFET Dual Modules

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has introduced two new SiC MOSFET dual modules that have mounting compatibility with widely used silicon (Si) IGBT modules and their low energy loss characteristics meet needs for higher efficiency and size reductions in industrial equipment, such as converters and inverters for railway vehicles, and renewable energy power generation systems. These new dual modules include “MG600Q2YMS3,” with a voltage rating of 1200V and drain current rating of 600A, and “MG400V2YMS3,” with a voltage rating of 1700V and drain current rating of 400A.



  • Mounting compatible with Si IGBT modules

  • Lower loss than Si IGBT modules

  • Built-in NTC Thermistor



  • Inverters and converters for railway vehicles

  • Renewable energy power generation systems

  • Motor control equipment

  • High frequency DC-DC converter

Component Datasheet

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