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MOC3063 Zero Cross Triac Optocoupler/Opto-Isolator IC

MOC3063 IC is a 6 pin I/O Optocoupler/Optoisolator with an integrated gallium arsenide Infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a TRIAC output with a Zero-crossing circuit. The IC can provide optical isolation to devices operating at 115/240 VAC lines. This IC is widely used in applications such as AC motor drives, controlling the Valves or solenoids, etc.


Features and Specifications 

This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the MOC3036 optocoupler IC.

  1. Input IR Diode: Forward Current: 50mA, Reverse Voltage: 6V, Power Dissipation:  120mW
  2. Output Photo TRIAC: Off-State Output Terminal Voltage: 600V, Forward Current (Peak): 1A, Power Dissipation: 150mW
  3. Trigger Current: 5mA
  4. Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100 °C
  5. Logic control of 115/240 VAC power
  6. Triac output with Zero Voltage crossing


MOC3063 Pinout Configuration

The IC has 6 I/O pins. The table and the image below can be used as a reference to the pinout and the internal circuitry of the IC.

Pin Number

Pin Type






NC(Not Connected)


Main Terminal


Substrate(Do not connect)


Main Terminal

MOC3063 IC Internal Circuit

The image above shows how pins are internally connected in the IC. The 1 and 2 pins consist of the anode and cathode of the infrared emitting diode. Pin 4 and 6 contain the TRIAC with the Zero Crossing circuit. Pin 3 and 5 are to be left floating in the circuit.



An Optoisolator or Optocoupler has different types; phototransistor type, photodarlington transistor type, photo TRIAC type, and a photo SCR type. In this description, we are considering a photo TRIAC type OC/OI. PhotoTriac and photo SCR are generally used for AC or high power circuits.

Zero Cross Triac Optocoupler Application Circuit

A typical circuit is shown can be used for AC applications where hotline switching is required, here a variant of MOC306X optocoupler IC is used which serves the same purpose as MOC3063.



MOC3020, MOC3041, TLP363J


Available packages type

Thru-Hole, SMD, 0.4" LEAD SPACING



Here are some of the applications of an Optocoupler/Opto-Isolator.

  1. AC motor drives
  2. Light controls
  3. Valve/Solenoid Controls
  4. Temperature controllers


2D Model 

Below is the 2-D model of the MOC3063 optocoupler IC along with its dimensions in inches and millimeter, the following information can be used for designing custom footprints of the IC which can be used for PCB designing and CAD modelling.

Zero Cross Triac Optocoupler IC Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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