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LM1458 Dual Operational Amplifier

Features and Specifications

This section mentions some of the important features and specifications of the op-amp.

  1. Operating Voltage: 12V DC - 18V DC(Max)
  2. Power Dissipation(Max): 400 mW
  3. Operating Temperature: 0°C to +70°C
  4. Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 70 dB to 90 dB
  5. Slew Rate: 0.5 V/us
  6. Input Offset Voltage: 5 mV
  7. Dual Op-Amp with JFET Input


Note: More technical information can be found in the LM1458 Datasheet, linked at the bottom of this page.


LM1458 Pinout Configuration

The LM1458 IC has 8 pins for inputs/outputs and power. The table below can be referred to understand the pin configuration of the Op-amp IC.

Pin Number

Pin Type



Output A

Op-Amp 1 Output


Inverting Input A

Op-Amp 1 Inverting Input


Non-inverting input A

Op-Amp 1 Non-inverting input





Non-inverting input B

Op-Amp 2 Non-inverting input


Inverting input B

Op-Amp 2 Inverting input


Output B

Op-Amp 2 output



Positive supply voltage


Working and Need of an Operational Amplifier

An operation amplifier is basically a voltage amplifier which is used along with some external components between its I/O pins. These external components used such as resistors, capacitors, etc. determine the function of the op-amp. LM1458 is a dual operational amplifier which has a lot of applications but is widely used in audio amplification applications. Another application where op-amps are used is voltage followers.

Voltage Follower Circuit

A voltage follower made with an op-amp is very useful because the circuits have a very high impedance. A voltage follower can also be called a buffer circuit, unity gain amplifier, and uses an op-amp circuit as it has a voltage gain of 1. Here the circuit does not provide any amplification but provides an output voltage following the input voltage (The output voltage is equal to the input voltage). In the circuit above, the input voltage is provided to the non-inverting terminal of the op-amp IC and the inverting terminal is connected to the output of the op-amp through which a load is connected and the output voltage is taken across it.


Available Packages

TO-99 8-Lead, PDIP 8-Lead



TL074, LF393N, MCP6002



TLV9302, LM1558



Here are some of the applications of the Op-Amp IC.

  1. Voltage follower circuit
  2. Inversion circuits
  3. Current to voltage converter
  4. Rectifiers


2D Model and Dimensions

Below is the 2D model of the LM1458 ICs PDIP package along with its dimensions in inches(millimeters). The following information can be used to create custom footprints of the IC and be used for PCB designing and CAD modelling.

LM1458 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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