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XPT8871 5W Mono Audio Amplifier IC

XPT8871 is an audio amplifier IC with non-FM interference and a mode to select the type AB or type D class operational power amplifier. At 5V working voltage, it can provide a maximum driving power of 5W (2Ω, BTL load, THD<10%). Using this IC as an amplifier is pretty easy it does not require any external components to operate.


Features and Specifications

This section mentions some of the important features and specifications of the XPT8871 audio amplifier IC.

  1. Operating Voltage: 2V - 5.5V DC
  2. Can support 5W (2Ω load) and 3.5W (3Ω load), 3W (4Ω load)
  3. Harmonic distortion noise in the audio range is less than 1%
  4. No FM Interference
  5. High Output Power
  6. External gain adjustable
  7. Integrated feedback


Note: More technical information can be found in the XPT8871 Datasheet, linked at the bottom of this page.


XPT8871 Pinout Configuration

The audio amplifier has 8 pins, the table below can be referred to understand the pin configuration of the IC.

Pin Number

Pin Type

Pin Description



Power down control pin



Internal Voltage bypass capacitor



Mode selection(AB or D type)
Default set at AB type



Inverted Analog Input



Negative Analog output(Speaker)



Positive voltage supply






Positive Analog output(Speaker)


Application Circuit of the Audio Amplifier IC

XPT8871 application circuit is simple, with only a very small number of external devices. Here is a typical application circuit of the XPT8871 IC as an audio amplifier and the output provided at the speaker.

XPT8871 Circuit

As we have already discussed, the 8 pins of the IC. VDD(pin 6) and the ground(pin 7) are the power pins that are to be connected to the supply voltage and the ground of the PSU, respectively. The Mode(pin 3) gives us functionality to select between the class of the power amplifier. If we provide 0 to the mode pin it acts as an AB-type amplifier whereas, a HIGH input would switch it to a D-type. The default mode is the AB-type. The BYP(pin 2) is for the internal voltage bypass capacitor. The IN(pin 4) is the input pin where the inverted analog input has to be provided. VOP(pin 8) and VON(pin 5) are the positive and negative analog output pins that are to be connected to the speaker to derive an output.


Available Packages 




LM4871, TDA2050, LM386, NE5532



Here are some of the applications of the audio amplifier IC.

  1. Audio signal amplification
  2. Used for cascading speakers
  3. Suitable for high power amplification


2D Model and Dimensions

Below is the 2D model of the SOP8 package type of the XPT8871 IC along with its dimensions in inches(millimeters), the following information can be used in order to create the custom footprints of the IC and be used for PCB designing and CAD modelling.

XPT8871 Dimensions

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