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LS05006VPQ33 eFuse Protection IC
LS05006VPQ33 eFuse Protection IC

Littelfuse Introduces LS05006VPQ33 eFuse Protection IC for USB Type-C Devices

Littelfuse, has unveiled the LS05006VPQ33, its latest addition to the eFuse Protection ICs product line.
AOZ18101D1 Series from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor
AOZ18101D1 Series from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

AOZ18101DI Series: 5A eFuse Products with Built-in or External Control Blocking FET Suitable for Server Applications

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced the release of the new AOZ18101DI series which is the initial eFuse product for sub-power rails in server applications and is a current-limiting over-voltage protectio
TCKE712BNL eFuse IC from Toshiba Electronics
Toshiba Electronics TCKE712BNL eFuse IC

TCKE712BNL – Advanced eFuse IC with Adjustable Over-Voltage Protection for Consumer Electronics Goods

With the introduction of the TCKE712BNL, Toshiba Electronics has expanded its advanced eFuse IC portfolio allowing users to maintain a high degree of safety in consumer electronics devices. Un