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Ultra Low DCR Inductors with Vertical Mount Configuration for Telecom and Industrial Applications

Ultra Low DCR Inductors
Ultra Low DCR Inductors

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new IHVR vertical-mount inductor IHVR-4025JZ-3Z that offers high-temperature operation up to +155 °C for computer, server, telecom, and industrial applications. The new IHVR-4025JZ-3Z inductor in the 10.25mm by 6.4mm by 10mm 4025 case size is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 5 MHz and high current filtering applications up to the SRF of the inductor. This Device is suitable for applications like desktops and servers; low profile, multi-phase, high current power supplies; POL converters; and distributed power systems and FPGAs.


This new inductor offers 50 % lower DCR down to 0.130mW and a higher rated current up to 112A. The compact size and unique vertical-mount design of the device save on board space and allow for more efficient cooling by utilizing air flow. Moreover, its rectangular shape provides better integration with other board components, making it easier for designers to keep PCB trace lengths equal to reduce phase imbalances.



  • High temperature rating, up to 155 °C

  • Shielded construction

  • Excellent DC/DC energy storage up to 5 MHz. Filter inductor applications up to SRF (see “Standard Electrical Specifications” table)

  • Lowest DCR/μH, in this package size

  • Handles high transient current spikes without saturation

  • Ultra low buzz noise, due to composite construction

  • Inductance and saturation is extremely stable over full operating temperature

  • Unique vertical mounting profile to optimize board space and utilize air flow for cooling



  • Desktop/server applications

  • High current POL converters

  • Low profile, high current power supplies

  • DC/DC converters in distributed power systems

  • DC/DC converter for field-programmable gate array (FPGA)



Samples and production quantities of the IHVR-4025JZ-3Z inductor are now available with lead times of 12 weeks.

Component Datasheet

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