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UF3C/SC – Low RDS SiC FETs for Improved Efficiency and Lower Losses

UF3C/SC – Low RDS SiC FETs for Improved Efficiency and Lower Losses

The UnitedSic introduced UF3C/UF3SC series SiC FETs, which is designed based on a unique cascade configuration to provide higher switching speeds, higher efficiency, and lower losses. At the same time, they also offer a ‘drop-in’ replacement solution for most TO-247-3L IGBT, Si-MOSFET and SiC-MOSFET parts. This helps in making system upgrades for greater performance and efficiency without changing the existing gate circuitry. The turn-on losses can be reduced based on a 50% reduction in Qrr. For high current use, a small, low-cost RC snubber is required, which also simplifies EMI design.


Features of UF3C/UF3SC series

  • 650V and 1200V
  • Low RDS (on) from 7mohm to 150mohm
  • Excellent body diode performance(Vf<2V)
  • Drive with any Si and/or SiC gate drive voltage
  • Integrated ESD and gate protection
  • Full Suite of industry-standard packages- TO-220-3L, D2PAK-3L, TO-247-3L &-4L(Kelvin)


This UF3C/UF3SC FET series has nearly 20 FETs each ranging from an RDS (on) value of 7mohm to 150mohm and ID max ranging from 31A to 120A. For more information about the UF3C/UF3SC series, visit the product page on the official website of the United SiC. The datasheet of UF2SC065007K4S is attached below, to get full technical specifications.

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