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TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 Family in TO-247-3-HCC Package for Power Factor Correction and Welding Applications

Infineon 650V TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6
Infineon 650V TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the new 650 V TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 family which comes in a TO-247-3-HCC package and offers a broad portfolio comprising 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A and 70A current ratings. The TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 switches provide very low conduction losses (30A, 1.45V at 25°C) and lowest switching losses (30A, 1.55mJ at 175°C). The family is optimized for power factor correction (PFC) for residential and commercial air conditioning systems and also for welding applications.


The TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 switches feature a very low saturation voltage of 1.45V and a monolithically integrated diode with optimized forward voltage for the target applications which enables a low BOM cost. The new TO-247-3-HCC housing of the WR6 family increases the creepage and clearance distances thus improving the isolation voltage rating. With this, the product family enables more reliable system designs that are resistant against contamination and condensation. The TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 reduces the total cost of ownership with less failure rate while it also enables a higher switching frequency in the application.


Features and Benefits

  • Lowest VCEsat 1.4V at 25°

  • Monolithically integrated diode

  • Lowest ESW

  • High creepage & clearance package

  • Improved price-performance ratio

  • Optimized diode for PFC and welding applications

  • Lowest switching losses

  • Improved reliability against package contamination



  • PFC

  • Welding

  • ZCS applications


The discrete TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 family can be ordered now. More information is available at

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