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STMicroelectronics Launches VIPerGaN100 and VIPerGaN65 High-Voltage Switching Converters for Industrial and Consumer Applications

 ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100
ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100

STMicroelectronics, one of the global leaders in semiconductor manufacturing has recently launched two new power converters, the ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100 which both are Advanced quasi-resonant offline high voltage DC-DC converters with E-mode GaN HEMT. These ICs are single chip solutions for building High efficiency power adapters, Fast battery chargers, Auxiliary power supply and more. 

The ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100 chips are extremely flexible and easy to use chips that can drive a load up-to 65W and 100W respectively. The IC features a 650V enhancement mode GaN power transistor with a PWM controller that enables secondary-side regulation using a standard optocoupler feedback. As the IC uses wide-bandgap transistor technology the thermal management and efficiency improves drastically on top of that this IC has advanced power management features that reduces the standby power to less than 30mW when operating in adaptive burst mode. 


Features of ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100 Flyback Controller IC

  • Quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller

  • 650 V E-mode power GaN transistor

  • Embedded sense FET

  • Dynamic blanking time and adjustable valley synchronization delay functions, to

maximize efficiency at any input line and load condition

  • Valley-lock to ensure constant valley skipping

  • Advanced power management for less than 30 mW standby power consumption

with adaptive burst-mode

  • Output OVP protection

  • Input voltage feed-forward compensation for mains independent OPP variation

  • Brown-in and brown-out protection

  • Input OVP protection

  • Embedded thermal shutdown

  • Frequency jitter for EMI suppression


Applications of ViperGaN65 and ViperGaN100 Flyback Controller IC

  • High efficiency power adapters 

  • Fast battery chargers 

  • Auxiliary power supply for appliances, industrial, consumers, lighting 


In addition to the above functions, the device also offers various input and output protection features like output overvoltage protection, the overtemperature protection (OTP), the overload protection (OLP), the brown-in/out protection, protection features that increase safety reliability of the device.

Component Datasheet

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