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RN5T5610 – Multi-Channel Power Management IC (PMIC) for Harsh and Outdoor Applications

RN5T5610 Multi-Channel Power Management IC
RN5T5610 Multi-Channel Power Management IC

Ricoh Electronic has launched the RN5T5610, a series of system power management IC (PMIC) that is suitable for harsh and outdoor industrial equipment such as factory automation devices and motor drivers that operate continuously for 24 hours under wide temperature conditions in factories. The RN5T5610 comprises of the specifications of the RN5T567/568 series that is known for its compact and space-saving features and flexible configurability.


The RN5T5610 series is designed with various devices and functions necessary for the power supply processors in a single chip such as four high-efficiency bucks DC/DC switching regulators; Five LDO linear regulators; two regulators for RTC backup; one power-control block to control the power-on / off sequence of each power supply; four voltage detectors; one watchdog timer; multi-function GPIOs; and an I2C-Bus interface which outputs signals to control these functions. Some specifications such as power supply output voltages, power-on sequence, and GPIO can be specified before shipment according to the specifications of the processor and other ambient circuits


The RN5T5610 series operates at a voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and they are suitable to be used in applications such as an FPGA / SoC solution, PLC, Servo Amp/ Inverter, and industrial machine controller box.


Features of RN5T5610 Series

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range to meet the industrial needs (-40°C to 105°C)
  • Highly flexible to be used in SoCs and FPGAs
  • A suitable product for Product Longevity Program
  • Has a Built-in Programmable Sequencer for Controlling External Power Supply
  • Flexible Power-on/off Sequence by OTP
  • Flexible DCDCx and LDOx Default-on/off Control by OTP
  • Overcurrent Protection, Short-circuit Protection, and Thermal Shutdown Function


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked below and on the RNT5T5610 product page.

Component Datasheet

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