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Reliable Medical Grade DC/DC Converter with Integrated Chip Design and Low Leakage Current

Medical Grade DC/DC Converters
Medical Grade DC/DC Converters

Mornsun has launched a new fixed input DC/DC converters R3 Series that are based on the original high isolation product line and complies with the 3rd medical IEC60601-1 standard. These converters meet reinforced insulation requirements and are specially designed for applications that require compact size, high isolation, low isolation capacitor, and low leakage current power. The G/H_WS-R3 series can meet the 2xMOPP level, and the G/H_S-R3 series can meet the 1xMOPP level. Moreover, these series feature low leakage current and low isolation capacitance.



  • Integrated chip design

  • Reinforced insulation, isolation voltage: 5000VAC/6000VDC

  • Isolation Capacitance as low as 5pF

  • Low leakage current as low as 2µA

  • Creepage & Clearance Distance>5mm

  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +105℃

  • Continuous short-circuit protection



  • Medical applications

  • Electricity

  • IGBT driver

Component Datasheet

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