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New Type-5 Tags with Augmented NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) and Tamper Detection for Easy Product Identification and Protection

NFC Type-5 Tags with Augmented NDEF
NFC Type-5 Tags with Augmented NDEF

STMicroelectronics has introduced the ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC tags that combine NFC Type-5 properties with augmented NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) and tamper detection. In compliance with ISO/IEC 15693, NFC Type-5 tags can respond to both smartphones and 13.56MHz long-range RFID readers and allow the native exchange of NDEF messages without a mobile app.


Augmented NDEF allows dynamically updated information such as tamper status or a personalized URL to be added to NDEF messages. The tamper detection in the ST25TV02KC-T variant allows the users to enhance the flexibility of Augmented NDEF communication in use cases that need to verify the integrity of assets. The device comes with various protection features such as the 64-bit encrypted password with the failed-attempt counter for data safety, TruST25 digital-signature services to verify die authenticity, and untraceable and kill modes to protect user privacy.


By leveraging the ST25 ecosystem that includes extensive software libraries, example applications, and reference implementations, the developers working with the ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC tags can deliver high-quality solutions to market quickly. Operating from -40°C to 85°C, these tags integrate a configurable EEPROM to deliver an extended communication range with superior reliability and they can also retain the same chip capacitance as the previous product generation. The ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC are available as sawn and bumped wafers or packaged in UFDFPN5.


Features of ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC Tags

  • NFC Forum Type 5 tag certified by the NFC Forum
  • Supports all ISO/IEC 15693 modulations, coding, subcarrier modes, and datarates up to 26 Kbit/s
  • Internal tuning capacitance: 23 pF
  • Up to 2560 bits (320 bytes) of EEPROM
  • Write time from RF: typical 5 ms per block
  • Data retention: 60 years at 55°C
  • Minimum endurance: 100k write cycles


Note: More technical information can be found in the ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product pages of ST25TV512C and ST25TV02KC.

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