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RC522 RFID Module

The RC522 is a 13.56MHz RFID module that is based on the MFRC522 controller from NXP semiconductors. The module can supports I2C, SPI and UART and normally is shipped with a RFID card and key fob.

PN532- NFC RFID Module

We recently hear a lot about NFC. This feature is available in the latest high end smart phones present in the market. NFC stands for Near Field Communication.


RFID TAGS are mainly divided in to two types - PASSIVE RFID TAGS and ACTIVE RFID TAGS. PASSIVE RFID TAGS are the TAGS with no internal power source. And ACTIVE RFID TAGS are TAGS with their own power source.  We will discuss each of them briefly below.

EM18 - RFID Reader Module

EM18 RFID Reader is a module which reads the ID information stored in RFID TAGS. This ID information is unique for every TAG which cannot be copied.